Total Contribution (USD) 0
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall N/A
Donor Ranking per capita N/A
Total Contribution (USD) 5,593,186
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 6
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 3,113,066
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 9
Donor Ranking per capita 3
Total Contribution (USD) 5,038,249
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 6
Donor Ranking per capita 3
Total Contribution (USD) 6,819,128
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 6
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 5,524,652
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 5
Donor Ranking per capita 2
Total Contribution (USD) 8,089,049
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 3
Donor Ranking per capita 1
Total Contribution (USD) 14,598,229
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 3
Donor Ranking per capita 1
Total Contribution (USD) 16,475,086
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 3
Donor Ranking per capita 1
Total Contribution (USD) 16,431,935
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 3
Donor Ranking per capita 1
Total Contribution (USD) 13,502,668
Earmarked (USD)
Donor Ranking Overall 5
Donor Ranking per capita 1

Total Contributions US$ million

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Earmarked 8.4M 10.5M 11.1M 10.2M 6.6M 4.9M 6.2M 4.4M 2.5M 3.2M 0
Non-earmarked 5.1M 6.0M 5.4M 4.4M 1.5M 638K 599K 593K 633K 2.4M 0
Total Contribution 13.5M 16.4M 16.5M 14.6M 8.1M 5.5M 6.8M 5.0M 3.1M 5.6M 0
As at 30th August 2020 as presented to the Committee of Permanent Representatives

Projects funded by Norway

Project Title Location Start End Status Project Value
Land and Property tax in fragile states Global 28-Nov-2019 31-Dec-2021 Ongoing $3,237,057
Improve Access to Basic Services for Refugee and Host Populations Arab States 01-Nov-2018 31-Oct-2019 Closed $893,176
2018 Programme Cooperation Agreement Global 16-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2019 Closed $1,445,490
Youth Empowerment Programme Global 16-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2019 Closed $331,451
Implementation of the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $10,272
Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 11 on cities, work related to indicators, tools capacity building and monitoring Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $8,648
Planning for improved Air Quality in cities Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $7,643
Urban Renewal and Green Space Development in Chengdu, China China 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $15,276
Strengthening environmental reviews in urban development processes; and creating policy frameworks on environment and climate change Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $6,105
Youth-Led Development Programme Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $37,711
Cities and Climate Change Initiative CCCI Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $15,897
Clean energy sytems in Urban areas, to reduce indoor air pollution from kerosene Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $15,276
Implementation of Global Land Tool Network Phase 2 Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $12,821
City Resilience Profiling Programme Global 23-May-2017 31-Jul-2018 Closed $12,121
Urban Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Development Global 01-Jan-2017 31-Dec-2017 Closed $481,000
Urban Mobility Actions to Reduce Air Pollution, Enhance Accessibility, Improve Safety and Health Global 01-Jan-2017 30-Jun-2018 Closed $272,062
Promoting Climate resilience interventions in Urban areas Global 01-Jan-2017 31-Dec-2017 Closed $234,522
Support to Stabilization through the Rehabilitation of Infrastructure and Housing in Contested Areas in Syria 02-Dec-2016 31-Jan-2018 Closed $3,193,184
Cities and Climate Change Initiative Global 01-Sep-2016 31-Dec-2019 Closed $351,782
Sustainable Urban Mobility For Better Air Quality And Health In Cities Global 01-Sep-2016 31-Aug-2017 Closed $293,152
Promote Peace Building and Stability in the Blue Nile state Sudan 08-Aug-2016 07-Aug-2018 Closed $288,713
Urban Crisis Response in Main Cities In Lebanon 01-Aug-2016 30-Sep-2018 Closed $1,355,474
Global Land Tool Network - Phase II Global 20-Jun-2016 31-Dec-2016 Closed $267,355
Youth Empowerment for Urban Development Global 09-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2016 Closed $300,625
Monitoring Sustainable Urban Development - The City Prosperity Initiatives Global 09-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2016 Closed $216,450
Promoting Urban Energy for Climate Change in Developing Countries Global 09-Jul-2015 31-Dec-2016 Closed $180,375
State of the Region's Cities Reports Series Global 12-Apr-2015 31-Dec-2017 Closed $144,300
Cities and Climate Change Initiative, with additional focus on decentralisation, gender and youth Global 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2017 Closed $481,000
Pursuing Sustainable Urban Development through National Urban Policies, Regional & Metropolitan Planning Global 01-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2016 Closed $242,365
Sustainable Urban Reintergration of Displaced Populations in Blue Nile State Sudan 01-Sep-2012 31-Oct-2016 Closed $1,854,810
Corporate Resource Mobilization Process and Events Global 01-Aug-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $157,645
Strengthening Staff Capacity and Excellence in Management Global 01-Jun-2012 31-Dec-2013 Closed $177,770
State of the region's Cities Reports Series 2012-2014 Global 12-Mar-2012 31-Dec-2017 Closed $995,310
Assistance to schools in Voronezh region communities affected by 2010 forest fires Russian Federation 01-Feb-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $130,600
Water and Sanitation Trust Fund Global 01-Jan-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $2,412,869
Organizational Review Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $95,833
Improving Urban Legal Frameworks for the extension and Densification of cities Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $1,417,564
Institutionalization of Results based Management in UN-Habitat Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $78,583
Urban Mobility 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2017 Closed $965,148
Gender Equality Programme, including gender mainstreaming Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed $1,288,302
Promotion of Pro-poor Land and Housing - Sustainable Housing, Slum Upgrading and Community Development Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016 Closed $47,917
State of the World Cities Report 2012-2013 Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $841,491
Global Report on Human Settlements - 2003 Global 01-Jan-2012 31-May-2016 Closed $289,544
Strengthening Urban Education, Research and University-City linkages through the Habitat Partner University Initiative Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $191,666
Core Evaluation activities of UN Habitat Medium-Term Strategic and Institutional Plan and Work Programme 2012-2013 Global 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2014 Closed $113,083
Rakhine Settlement Support Project Myanmar 18-Apr-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $1,046,052
UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery 25-Jan-2011 31-May-2016 Closed $563,111
Cities and Climate Change Initiative - A Component of the Sustainable Urban Development Network 2011-2012 Global 01-Aug-2010 30-Jun-2016 Closed $2,223,639
Water and Sanitation Programme Global 17-Jun-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $4,293,388
Gender Equality Programme Global 01-Jun-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $960,208
State of the Regions' Report Series 2010 - 2012 Global 01-Jun-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $951,785
State of the World's Cities Report 2012-2013 Global 01-Jun-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $745,750
Aligning UN Habitat's Normative and Operational Activities at Country Level National Urban Forums and Habitat Country Programme Documents Global 01-Jun-2010 31-May-2016 Closed $471,681
Global Shelter Strategy Global 01-Jun-2010 31-Dec-2012 Closed $101,074
Re-conceptualization of the WUC by Convening Consultative Forum Kenya 01-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2010 Closed $50,329
Disaster Responses & Preparedness - Resilient Coastal Communities and Urban Risk Myanmar 01-Dec-2009 31-May-2017 Closed $4,809,254
Global Report on Human Settlements 2011 and 2013 Global 01-Feb-2009 31-May-2016 Closed $206,035
Funding for Habitat Agenda Partners from Least Developed Countries For World Urban Forum IV Global 10-Oct-2008 31-Dec-2008 Closed $28,878
Cities in Climate Change Initiative Global 01-Aug-2008 30-Jun-2016 Closed $1,866,537
Global Land Tool Network Global 01-Jul-2008 31-May-2016 Closed $2,870,530
Disaster Management Program Normative Support to the Emergency Shelter Cluster 2007 Global 01-Nov-2007 31-May-2008 Closed $84,479
Global Instruments for evidence in Removing Unfreedoms Global 01-Jan-2007 31-May-2016 Closed $585,179
Cities and Citizens Series - Global Instruments for evidence for Removing Unfreedoms Global 01-Jan-2007 31-Dec-2012 Closed $200,284
Promotion of Best Practices on Gender Mainstreaming and Women's Empowerment Global 26-Oct-2006 31-Dec-2013 Closed $1,291,012
Global Land Tool Network for Pro-Poor Land Tool Development Global 01-Jul-2006 30-Jun-2010 Closed $3,227,530
Promoting Urban Youth Development Policies and Strategies in Attaining the Millenium Develoment Goals in East Africa 01-Jun-2006 31-May-2016 Closed $2,259,271
Global Network for Pro Poor Land Tool Development Workshop Global 11-May-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $55,905
Keeping the Promise for the Youth: Demonstrating Solutions to Meet the Millennium Development Goals throug Photography and other Media Kenya 01-Apr-2006 31-Dec-2006 Closed $81,463
Participation of east Development Countries, Youth & Women at General Council 20, 4-8 April 2005 Global 01-Apr-2005 31-Dec-2005 Closed $38,732
Slum Upgrading Facility Global 15-Feb-2005 31-Dec-2019 Closed $4,841,296
UN Habitat's Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals Global 01-Jan-2005 31-Dec-2005 Closed $70,530
Participation of Least Developed Countries Government Representatives, Civil Society and Youth in the Governing Council 5-9 May 2003 Global 01-Apr-2003 31-Dec-2004 Closed $90,000
Kosovo Cadastre Support Programme 01-Dec-2000 31-Aug-2003 Closed $41,698

Implementing Partners registered in Norway

Partner Partner Category
Norwegian Refugee Council Civil society
Norwegian Somali Self-Help Organization Civil society
Norwegian University Of Life Sciences Civil society
Ntnu Samfunnsforskning As Civil society